Countdown to Disclosure – The Secret Technology Behind the Space Force (2021)

Is there a secret program behind the technology of the Space Force?

Are Navy Pilots engaging E.T. craft, or is it one of ours? Dr. Steven M. Greer reveals the secrets behind the cover-up and the false narrative alien threat.


Dr. Michael E. Salla presents explosive information in regards to the incredible out of this world technology that has been reversed engineered at a Secret Location in Palmdale, CA. Is the New York Times retraction of statements made to “Off World Vehicles Recovered Not Of This Earth” an attempt to cover up the biggest story known to mankind? Bob Lazar, among others, share there insight to the most asked question “Are We Alone?”. “Countdown To Disclosure” opens the floodgates on information never heard before by the public until now! Buckle up for a cutting edge documentary that will leave you believing we are not being told the truth.

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4 Responses

  1. Saundra says:

    My Grandpa told me “never to believe what I hear on TV” this last year explains it all. I am so glad I have the memory of this conversation with him. These documentaries will provide hope for humanity. My hope is we all cancel our cable, internet and phones.

  2. Randy Beard says:

    Space has been Mastered by the Secret Black Ops. Space Complex since the 50’s via Alien Help and using their Technology. If you See a UFO, it is a 90% chance that it is American Made-they come in all sizes from SUV to Super Tanker Size, however they use alien Morphing Ability and Fly using No Sound as they use Magnetism to Propel the UFO’s. Several Countries Share Military Bases on the Moon, Mars and other places in Deep Space. Millions of people work on these bases, some as Scientist, some Mk Ultra Trained-Brain Washed Workers and millions Kidnapped off Planet Earth into Everlasting Slavery by Beam Me Up Scotty Alien Technology. The Germans working with the Reptilian Alien Race was the First to Build UFO’s as far back as the 30’s. In 1952 when a Squadron of UFO’s flew over the White House–it was Germans Flying these UFO’s using alien Technology. After WW2, America gave Amnesty and Big Salaries to many of the German Scientist including -Verner Von Braun- to Build UFO flying machines for America. American Made UFO’s fly to and from Earth Continuously from distant planets carrying Ore and Supplies. These Black Ops. Projects are All Financed by our Tax dollars and CIA Drug Money. Several different Alien Races live on Planet Earth and several alien races help our Secret Space Program on a Daily Basis…

  3. Peter Piper says:

    The things you are calling UFOs are really IFOs (Identified Flying Objects) and they are built by DARPA. They are also equipped with DEW (directed energy weapons). They are fantastic! Job security

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